Whilst we try to provide a more personal level of guidance and advice through our membership program, advice given is not always intended as specific or customised to you and does not take into account all factors that may contribute to a scenario or situation that you might be seeking guidance on. In many instances, advice will be given in a group scenario either live or via chat, and could not possibly consider all elements of your circumstances.

Sex Ed Rescue does not give medical advice, nor should any of our resources or answers to questions be considered as such. If a situation is medical or clinical in nature please seek the guidance and assistance of a trained medical practitioner.

All eCourse materials are designed and written with experience and knowledge in sex education. They are intended to be a comprehensive course on sex, safety, relationships, parenting, communication and adolescence.

Sex Ed Rescue will not accept responsibility or liability for any consequences or damages that flow from the use of or reliance on our eCourse information or any other information made available throughout our website, accompanying social media, blog posts or e-mails.

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